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Divorce On The Rise!!

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing”, says the good book. Marriage is supposed to be a blissful experience for those involved while giving them the benefits of companionship, children, security, and financial support. Speaking of marriage today can be a bit disappointing as the chances of marriages succeeding have become slim with divorce on the rise.

Not only has marriage become unattractive to the youth of today but also it has become a conundrum plaguing society with a plethora of problems.

A main cause of divorce nowadays is the lack of respect for husbands by wives. Wives of today do not have the humility of wives of yesteryears. The situation is worse with gender activists adding insult to injury. Wives fail to see their husbands as heads of the family and this is not helping a lot of marriages today. Wives expect husbands to cook, wash, and clean, while the same husbands bear the responsibility for bills and school fees of kids. It has never been the case for men that a husband will have to do housekeeping. Sadly, there are situations where a husband will have to eat outside because his wife has refused to cook.

Another case for the rise in divorce in recent times is cheating by wives. A lot of women are unfaithful to their husbands because they think their husbands are equally unfaithful to them. This is the sad reality and truth: it’s not cheating when a man sleeps with another woman. Men are not wired the way women are and so men can sleep with women without having any feelings for them. Men operate at the physical level; a man does not necessarily get attached to a woman after having sexual intercourse with her; there is no love involved.
But, when a woman cheats, it goes beyond physical attraction and usually means a loss of love for her husband. It’s uncommon for a woman in a committed relationship to cheat on her partner unless she has lost her love for him. And so, by the time a woman feels comfortable cheating on her husband, she will have lost all love for him. This is the reason cheating by women is not taken lightly in a committed relationship.

Moreover, some marriages do not work out because of undue pressure on the man to meet unrealistic expectations. There is immense pressure on men to get mansions, cars, buy stuff for inlaws, etc which might be way beyond the financial muscle of the man. A lot of men are living in depression and misery as a result of this, and in some cases, the only escape route for them is divorce.

In conclusion, as much as society expects more young people to settle down, it must look into some of the problems plaguing marriages and rethink its position on the general practice of marriage.


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